5 Things You Can Do - Dec. 22, 2016

5 things

1. Debunk a myth

Does the ACLU hate Christmas or does it love the First Amendment? Read a message from our Executive Director, Jane Henegar on our fight to protect the First Amendment and religious freedom.

2. Give a gift

Did you know you can give a membership to the ACLU as a gift this year? It's the perfect stocking-stuffer for the liberty lover and Constitution defender in your family.

3. Arm yourself with knowledge

Read the ACLU's Analysis of Trump's cabinet.

4. Take action

Sign the petition to call on President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden now. For more than 12 years, the ACLU has been fighting to end government surveillance that invades the rights and lives of millions of Americans with virtually no oversight. But several years ago, when our case against mass surveillance finally reached the Supreme Court, it was dismissed for lack of evidence of the secret programs. Snowden provided that evidence, at great personal risk.

5. Protect yourself

Learn how to protect yourself from government surveillance and criminal hackers. Watch ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project Director Ben Wizner talk with the ACLU's principal technologist Christopher Soghoian on how to keep the government and other snoopers out of your private digital business.

Looking to make an even greater impact? Please fill out the Activist Sign-Up Form and tell us about yourself. Thank you for all you're doing to protect civil liberties!

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