Our tentative calendar for First Wednesdays in 2016 is as follows: blind justice 2 wikipedia commonsBlind Justice. (Credit: Tim Evanso

February 10, 2016 -- Butler University, Indianapolis*

March 2, 2016 -- Evansville

May 4, 2016

September 7, 2016

November 2, 2016

*Event will be part of Founder's Week at Butler, and will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of February 2016.



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From First Amendment topics of free speech and religious liberty, to the privacy issues posed by emerging technologies, to marriage equality and community policing — at your request over the past year we've taken our popular First Wednesdays lunchtime discussions to communities in Evansville, South Bend, Muncie, Fort Wayne and Gary.

In 2015, we'll be taking these conversations once again to six more communities statewide! Sign up for ACLU email alerts to stay informed about events near you and ways you can take action on issues.

2015 First Wednesdays Calendar

  • February 4, Indianapolis — Butler University
  • April 1, Lafayette
  • June 3, Terre Haute
  • October 7, Richmond
  • December 2, Bloomington

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