Each person is entitled to one vote

Floyd Township in Putnam County, Ind., is growing so rapidly that, in the last census, its population rose nearly five times more than the least populated township in the county. Despite the Indiana law requiring school districts to be reapportioned before an election to account for this kind of growth, the Putnam County school board election in 2012 gave each township the ability to elect just one school board member.

Each person is entitled to one vote, and no vote should be weighted more or less than another vote.

The ACLU of Indiana's lawsuit in 2012 against North Putnam Community School Corporation claims that votes in Floyd Township have been "seriously diluted" since the school corporation failed to maintain equal voting districts. In March 2013, the Board of School Trustees of the school district approved a resolution initiating a plan to change the method of selecting school board members for the school corporation as well as the procedures related to the Board of School Trustees.

The ACLU of Indiana defends the constitutional rights of every voter to cast a ballot that is equal to his or her neighbor's ballot.

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