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Carrying the Torch is a publication of the ACLU of Indiana sent to members by postal mail. To receive a hard copy, become a member.


Editorial Board

Editor: Roberta Schonemann, Ph.D., VP Communications, West Lafayette

Managing Editor: Kelly Jones Sharp, Director of Communications & Education, Indianapolis

Member: Joan Laskowski, VP Legislation, ACLU Affiliate Representative, West Lafayette

Student Advisor: Tiffany Beenken, IUPUI, Indianapolis

Art Direction: Pam Fraizer, Fraizer Designs


Monthly Newsletter

Carrying the Torch

The following issues are available in PDF format:


Fall 2013

Spring 2013

Fall 2012

Summer 2012 (plus extras, below)

Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Part One and Part Two: Released 9/8/2011
Spring 2011 (2.47 MB)  Released 4/26/2011
2010 Annual Report  (PDF 1.32 MB)
Fall-Winter 2010 (1.32 MB)
Spring 2010 (PDF 1.33 MB)
Fall-Winter 2009 (PDF, 2 MB)
Fall-Winter 2008 (PDF, 877 KB)
Fall-Winter 2007 (PDF, 1.86 MB)
Spring 2007 (PDF, 1.65 MB)
Fall 2005 (PDF, 139 KB)
Spring 2005 (PDF, 128 KB)
Fall 2004 (PDF, 172 KB)