ACLU of Indiana Letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

July 11, 2014

Indiana law allows people to wed as soon as a marriage license is obtained. Therefore, after Judge Richard Young struck down Indiana's prohibition on same-sex marriages on June 25, hundreds of same-sex couples around the state married. However, on June 27, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay, stopping all further marriages. Recently, counsel for the Governor of the State of Indiana issued a memorandum to state agencies that these marriages are not to be recognized.

We are still unsure if we can do anything to change the State's position as expressed in the memorandum issued by the Governor's counsel. However, after courts in Michigan and Utah struck down similar prohibitions, and the decisions were stayed after a number of persons were married, United States Attorney General Eric Holder specified that the federal government will recognize the marriages. We therefore have sent the attached letter to Attorney General Holder asking that Indiana's marriages between same-sex couples also be recognized. We will post any response we receive.

Click here to read our letter sent July 11, 2014 to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, asking him to issue a statement announcing that the federal government would recognize the marriages of same-sex couples that were entered into following district court decisions and before stays were issued in Michigan and Utah. If you would like to take a stand on behalf of couples across Indiana who are waiting for the government to recognize their legal marriages, please call Governor Mike Pence: 317-232-4567 and ask him to stop harming Hoosier families.

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