April 2, 2015

ACLU Comment on Lawmakers' RFRA "Fix"

State lawmakers today announced an update to the Indiana RFRA to ensure that it cannot be used to discriminate against LGBTQ Hoosiers in communities with local human rights ordinances in public accommodation, housing or employment. This measure is the first time that Indiana state law has included positive references to sexual orientation and gender identity, and it represents a step in the right direction.

However, to ensure that Indiana state law provides statewide civil rights protections that include sexual orientation or gender identity, we have more work to do. The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana will continue to work diligently on achieving our goal of passing the Fairness for All Hoosiers Act to ensure these protections are achieved.

"Thousands of Hoosiers and millions of Americans spoke loudly and clearly that discrimination cannot be tolerated in any form, and that outcry has made all the difference," said Jane Henegar, ACLU of Indiana Executive Director. "Today, the harm has been lessened, but we have not yet reached the day when LGBTQ Hoosiers can be assured that they can live their lives free of discrimination."

The ACLU of Indiana will continue to work with our allies to ensure that the RFRA cannot be used to discriminate or to harm anyone. Indiana businesses have shown they are ready to lead to make sure Indiana is a state that welcomes all people. We look forward to working with them to pass statewide protections against discrimination. That campaign begins today.

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