A post-election message to ACLU supporters

We are a great country.

We have a genius Constitution that gives us the mechanisms with which to correct ourselves over and over again. It gives us core values that guide us through that difficult process: fairness, equality, and freedom. It is a great system, though not perfect. And, it has held America together for more than 200 years.

The ACLU has an important role to play in that system. We cannot steer America through this alone. But we are essential. We have to play our part. The ACLU and the people who do and support this work have taken on that responsibility in the past. We will continue to take on that responsibility when liberties are threatened.

We hope all candidates and leaders at every level of government will re-examine their campaign rhetoric in light of the awesome power and responsibility of the offices to which they have been elected.

Should President-elect Trump try to enact or carry out any unconstitutional policies or actions, we will be ready to challenge him and Congress. We hope you will be there with us, ready to help us hold our leaders accountable to the promises of the Constitution.

We cannot express enough how grateful we are for the wonderful people who stand with us, resolute that the liberties we hold dear will not be forsaken. Thank you so, so much for your good hearts.

The staff of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana


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