Mary Runnells

Name: Mary Runnells

Region: Bloomington

Professional background: Attorney

Relevant volunteer experience: See Candidate Statement

ACLU Experience: See Candidate Statement

Candidate Statement:

I have been an attorney in Indiana since 1975, having graduated from Rutgers University Law School that year. I have been a member of ACLU for decades, including being a member of the former Bloomington Screening Committee in the 1980s. Currently, I have been a member ACLU of Indiana State Board since January 2011, and began serving as Secretary in January 2013.

My general background in not-for-profit board membership includes having served on five boards in addition to ACLU of Indiana. This background gives me an understanding of how Boards work from the perspective of serving in variety of capacities for different types of organizations with very different missions. (other Board memberships are private pre-school and elementary schools and soccer related)

Constitutional law, and particularly civil liberties have been a passion of mine since law school, where I studied it extensively. Another way I have helped promote civil liberties is by participating as a judge since 1987 in the educational We The People program. An informed citizenry is vital to protecting our liberties, and this is one of the finest programs that serves that purpose. For the past 4 years I have also presented Constitution Day discussions on behalf of ACLU of Indiana in Monroe County Community Schools. It is my belief that the ACLU is an organization that is vital to insuring that all levels of government in the United States respect and protect the civil rights of all of our citizens, and I would like to continue to help further this very worthy work.