Reba Boyd Wooden

Name: Reba Boyd Wooden

Region: At-Large

Professional background: Public school teacher and counselor, 37 years; Executive Director Center for Inquiry Indiana, 10 years; Director of CFI Secular Celebrant program, 7 years

Relevant volunteer experience: President of HAPA Coalition (Health And Privacy Alliance); Member of Board of Indiana NOW

ACLU Experience: Current member of the Board; Former VP Education; Lead plaintiff, Center for Inquiry v. Clerk of Marion County, which was won in 7th Circuit and resulted in Secular Celebrants being legal to solemnize marriages in Indiana.

Candidate Statement:

I have very much enjoyed serving on the ACLU-IN board. ACLU fights for the civil liberties of all people and I like being a part of that effort. With the political climate in Indiana and the laws that have been passed restricting reproductive rights and the equality of the LGBTQ community, where would we have been had it not been for ACLU of Indiana? We have to continue to fight for the civil liberties of all people.