Jeanette Jones

Name: Jeanette L. Jones

Region: Eastern

Professional background: Retired teacher with a doctorate in Education.

Relevant volunteer experience: Volunteer tax preparer for the AARP; Patient services volunteer for The American Cancer Society and Ball Memorial Hospital Cancer Center.

ACLU Experience: I completed the previous Eastern Area representative's current term on the Board of Directors beginning in October, 2014.

Candidate Statement:

Having finished the previous Eastern Area representative's term on the Board of Directors, I have had an opportunity to witness the important work the ACLU does in Indiana. After a career educating and advocating for children and adults with disabilities, being on the board is a way to continue advancing the the rights of those whose voices are often ignored, and to continue to eliminate discrimination of the differently-abled, the poor, minorities, and those deprived of equal opportunities. My participation on the board has also given me an opportunity to see how vigilant we need to be to protect the rights of all citizens in Indiana, and the right of citizens to address their grievances with representation. I find it encouraging to know that the ACLU of Indiana is there to advance these rights and to oppose unconstitutional legislation and institutional discrimination.