Name: Mary Runnells

Region: Bloomington

Professional background: Attorney

Relevant volunteer experience: See Candidate Statement

ACLU Experience: See Candidate Statement

Candidate Statement:

I have been an attorney in Indiana since 1975, having graduated from Rutgers University Law School that year. I have been a member of ACLU for decades, including being a member of the former Bloomington Screening Committee in the 1980s. Currently, I have been a member ACLU of Indiana State Board since January 2011, and began serving as Secretary in January 2013.

My general background in not-for-profit board membership includes having served on five boards in addition to ACLU of Indiana. This background gives me an understanding of how Boards work from the perspective of serving in variety of capacities for different types of organizations with very different missions. (other Board memberships are private pre-school and elementary schools and soccer related)

Constitutional law, and particularly civil liberties have been a passion of mine since law school, where I studied it extensively. Another way I have helped promote civil liberties is by participating as a judge since 1987 in the educational We The People program. An informed citizenry is vital to protecting our liberties, and this is one of the finest programs that serves that purpose. For the past 4 years I have also presented Constitution Day discussions on behalf of ACLU of Indiana in Monroe County Community Schools. It is my belief that the ACLU is an organization that is vital to insuring that all levels of government in the United States respect and protect the civil rights of all of our citizens, and I would like to continue to help further this very worthy work.


Name: Reba Boyd Wooden

Region: At-Large

Professional background: Public school teacher and counselor, 37 years; Executive Director Center for Inquiry Indiana, 10 years; Director of CFI Secular Celebrant program, 7 years

Relevant volunteer experience: President of HAPA Coalition (Health And Privacy Alliance); Member of Board of Indiana NOW

ACLU Experience: Current member of the Board; Former VP Education; Lead plaintiff, Center for Inquiry v. Clerk of Marion County, which was won in 7th Circuit and resulted in Secular Celebrants being legal to solemnize marriages in Indiana.

Candidate Statement:

I have very much enjoyed serving on the ACLU-IN board. ACLU fights for the civil liberties of all people and I like being a part of that effort. With the political climate in Indiana and the laws that have been passed restricting reproductive rights and the equality of the LGBTQ community, where would we have been had it not been for ACLU of Indiana? We have to continue to fight for the civil liberties of all people.


Name: Tasha T. Figueroa

Region: At-Large

Professional background: Juris Doctorate in Law, a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources; Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management and an Associates Degree in Applied Science.

Relevant volunteer experience: See Candidate Statement

ACLU Experience: N/A

Candidate Statement:

As a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana who is committed to the civil rights of ALL people, I am very interested in running for election to the board of directors for the ACLU of Indiana.

My personal life and professional career evidence an innate desire to make things better – to make things right – for those who have historically been under-represented in the quest for justice. The ACLU's strong history in fighting to protect the civil rights not just of the disenfranchised, but ALL citizens, shines clearly in a nation which continues to struggle with difficult issues. It would be an honor to be part of your work.

Highly successful within diverse fields, I have a Juris Doctorate in Law, a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources, a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management and an Associates Degree in Applied Science. Throughout my career, I have been recognized as a leader with integrity, strong work ethic and professionalism.

I began my professional career as U.S. Steel's first female electrical technician, was a program manager for the Indiana Department of Transportation and served as a financial representative before becoming a lawyer.

I am a life long resident of Northwest Indiana (Calumet Area), with a blended family that represents two minority populations. As the parent of a daughter serving in the Air Force and two honor students at a local high school, I want to have a positive impact on the future. My husband and I are active in our community, and willing to make the kinds of sacrifices that would allow me to truly contribute to the ACLU's mission.


Name: Michael Grossberg

Region: At-Large

Professional background: I am the Sally M. Reahard Professor of History and a Professor of Law at Indiana University, Bloomington. I have a B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Ph.D. from Brandeis University. My research and publications focus on the relationship between law and social change, particularly the intersection of law and the family and issues such as the rights of children and reproductive freedom. I have also been involved in several family policy research projects such as an initiative to create guidelines for genetic testing in child custody cases. I have held fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment of the Humanities, the American Council of Learned Societies, the American Bar Foundation, and been a Fellow at the National Humanities Center and a Visiting Scholar in the Child Studies Department at the University of Linköping, Sweden. I edited the American Historical Review from 1995 to 2005 and recently completed a term as president of the American Society for Legal History. I have been a faculty member at Wellesley College, Case Western Reserve University, and IUB and chaired two academic departments and directed various interdisciplinary legal and political programs. I teach a range of courses in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Maurer School of Law especially on topics in American Legal and Constitutional History including the history of civil liberties.

Relevant volunteer experience:

  • Civilian Review Commission, Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, Cleveland, OH
  • Board Member and President, Community Justice and Mediation Center, Monroe County, IN
  • Co-Author and Signatory, historians' amici curiae briefs in support of marital equality beginning with the 2003 Massachusetts case of Goodridge v. Dept. Public Health and ending with Obergefell v. Hodges (2015). Signatory, historians' amici curiae briefs supporting reproductive rights in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services (1989) and Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt (2016)

ACLU Experience:

  • Contributor
  • Member

Candidate Statement:

I would like to serve on the Board of Directors because I think we live in a critical moment in the history of the defense of civil liberties in United States and in Indiana. I would like to contribute that defense and think that the ACLU of Indiana is the most effective means of doing so given its fundamental mission to uphold the Constitution and its successes in fulfilling that mission. Over the last several years, I have watched with dismay the mounting attacks on those seeking to exercise their rights to dissent, immigrate, reproductive freedom, gender identity, and host of other constitutionally protected acts nationally and in this state. I have tried to address some of these issues in my work and advocacy, but I would like to do so in a more sustained manner through the ACLU of Indiana. I apply as well because as an American historian committed to making the past speak to the present I think I might bring some distinctive and relevant professional skills, experience, and perspectives to the Board. For example, I am writing a book on the history of child protection in America that chronicles persistent constitutional clashes over censorship, sexual expression and identity, and disability rights in arguing for the importance of recognizing children's rights. I also have extensive administrative and committee experience that I think would enable me to perform the primary duties of a Board member and a strong commitment to and record of being an active member of boards like this one.


Name: Leonard M. Goldstein

Region: Fort Wayne

Professional Background: International Trade Executive for 45 years

Relevant volunteer experience: Board Chair of Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Arts United and the advisory board of the Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University. Committee memberships on several non-profit organizations.

ACLU Experience: Board member of the ACLU of Indiana for more than 25 years

Candidate Statement:

The ACLU and the ACLU of Indiana have been in my blood since adulthood. I would not feel right not being on the Board. I believe that i have much to contribute.

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