About the Board

The Board is comprised of 30 members representing different regions of the state, including nine members who serve at-large. The Board oversees the general business and affairs of the ACLU of Indiana as defined by the organization’s bylaws. In addition, members of the Board are expected to:

  • be a member of the American Civil Liberties Union;
  • attend the bi-monthly Saturday meetings in the Indianapolis office;
  • serve actively on at least one committee;
  • attend ACLU of Indiana events;
  • financially contribute to the organization; and
  • serve as an ambassador for the state and national ACLU.

Digital ballots, including candidate statements and instructions will be emailed to all ACLU of Indiana members with a paper ballot mailing option to members without email addresses. Terms are for three years beginning January 1, 2019. The ACLU of Indiana actively seeks racial, ethnic, age, sexual orientation, gender and geographic diversity on the board, as well as diversity in professional skills and expertise. 

In order to be considered for election to the Board, we must receive your completed application by midnight on July 1, 2018. Download the application here.

Regional Map

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