The ACLU of Indiana works with coalition partners to have an impact on the legislative process and to advocate on issues of importance to our supporters. Our partnerships include:

  • Health Access and Privacy Alliance (HAPA)
    works to improve access to healthcare and protect reproductive choice in Indiana. The coalition advocates for the health and safety of women, children and families, and is concerned with improving access to reproductive healthcare for poor, young and minority women, and protecting reproductive choice for everyone.
  • Freedom Indiana
    We were a founding member of Freedom Indiana, a statewide bipartisan coalition of businesses, faith leaders, civil rights and community organizations united to defeat HJR-3, the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution to limit same-sex marriage in Indiana.
  • Race & Cultural Relations Leadership Network of Indianapolis
    The RCRLN will improve the quality of life of all our residents and guests by advocating, and where appropriate, coordinating a community response to issues and situations that arise within the Greater Indianapolis area that have racial or cultural implications. The RCRLN will also proactively implement activities that foster good relationships among diverse populations.
  • Women 4 Change
    We are proud to be an allied organization of Women4Change Indiana, an inclusive, bipartisan and grassroots organization to promote the health, safety, and respect of all Hoosiers. We are motivated by a desire to address the escalating rhetoric of hate and increasing acts of discrimination and violence which demean minorities, immigrants, the LGBT community, and women.
  • Indiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom
    The Indiana Reproductive Justice Coalition works to leverage the capacity of member organizations to champion gains in reproductive justice to Indiana. To do this work, we will engage communities across the state to determine their needs and mobilize them to take action on a range of civic and community issues. We will also work with our elected officials to ensure that candidates, legislators, and legislation meet the needs of all Hoosiers and their families.
  • Indiana Coalition for Human Services
    ICHS is a nonpartisan coalition of over 25 organizations that educates decision makers and the community on fact-based human service policy. The group emphasizes quality outcomes for Hoosiers, and ultimately the State of Indiana. Together, we invest in, protect and advocate for children, people with disabilities, senior citizens and hard-working families who are trying to make a better life for themselves.