This bill takes significant steps to protect people and ensure accountability against police violence. While HB 1006 doesn’t address the underlying issue with policing, which is the outsized and ever-expanding scale of policing that leads inevitably to officers’ unlawful use of excessive force, the reforms to the officer decertification process close major loopholes in current law. Also, the bill outlines penalties for officers who intentionally turn off body worn cameras. We support both of these elements in the bill.

There are aspects of HB 1006 that need strengthening including the toothless definition of chokeholds. Accountability comes with implementing enforceable legal constraints so that there will be only rare instances in which officers can use force against community members. We know the underlying problem with policing isn't just the lack of oversight policies, more training, and better procedures. The core problem is modern policing itself. More must be done. 




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