Currently, there is no a system in place for undocumented Hoosiers to receive authorization from the state to drive. Nonetheless, this doesn’t keep them off the road, but it prevents them from being trained, insured, and identifiable. SB 200 and HB 1195 provide that an undocumented individual who is an Indiana resident can apply for a driving card learner's permit and driving card to lawfully operate a vehicle in Indiana. HB 1195 and SB 200 would require the verification and continuous maintenance of financial responsibility on any motor vehicle the holder operates.

These bills are common-sense legislation that would increase public safety, decrease the average insurance premium, and contribute to the economy. A driving card is one of the most basic forms of protection against family separation. Currently, there are fourteen states already providing driving privileges to the undocumented communities. 


SB 200: Sen. David Niezgodski, Sen. Blake Doriot, Sen. Mark Messmer; HB 1195: Rep. Michael Karickhoff



Bill number

Senate Bill 200 and House Bill 1195