Across the state, undocumented Hoosiers struggle to get to work, keep medical appointments, take children to school, and more, all because they cannot drive without fear of deportation. These bills would expand driver’s card access to every Hoosier regardless of immigration status which will allow more Hoosiers to participate in daily life and most importantly, treat all Hoosier residents with dignity and respect.  

Whether or not a person should get a driver’s card should be based solely on whether they are qualified as drivers and are residents of the state. No more should be required. Currently, there are eighteen states already providing driving privileges to the undocumented community. 

SB 248

HB 1644


SB 248: Sen. Blake Doriot, Sen. David Niezgodski, Sen. Linda Rogers; HB 1644: Rep. Joanna King



Bill number

SB 248 & HB 1644