This bill would establish a new area of the Indiana Code regarding consumer data protection. Portions of the bill would allow an individual to find out what personal data a company is collecting about them, have the information corrected or deleted, get a copy of the data, and to opt out of having their data processed for certain purposes.  

However, this bill does not go far enough to protect the privacy rights of Hoosiers. By having “opt-out” language instead of “opt-in” language, the burden is put on individuals to manage the data collected about them instead of where it should be — on the companies doing the collection. This legislation also leaves Hoosiers exposed to privacy violations through the use of aggregated data, lacks meaningful civil rights protections, and does not allow Hoosiers to seek relief in the courts when their data is misused. 


Sen. Liz Brown, Sen. Brian Buchanan, Sen. Jon Ford


Signed by governor

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