This bill sets bail requirements and conditions for release of a person arrested with a violent offense and doubles the amount someone must pay if they have certain prior convictions. These mandates fly in the face of constitutional due process and fairness.

SB 6 prohibits the release of a person charged with a violent crime without money bail and limits what courts can consider when deciding a case. SB 6 mandates defendants to pay 100% of the bail amount in cash, severely limits who can post their bail, and restricts the ability of the court to modify the set amount of cash bail.

In Indiana, a majority of people who are locked up in local jails (56%) are legally presumed innocent. The vast majority can and should be safely released before trial. SB 6 creates two justice systems, one for the poor and one for the rich, and increases the number of people who are awaiting trial in jails.


Sen. Michael Young, Sen. Jack Sandlin, Sen. Aaron Freeman



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