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  1. Dean v. Superintendent, Putnamville Correctional Facility

    August 16, 2017CaseReligious Liberty, Prisoner Rights
  2. Keeping tabs on overcrowding at Vigo County Jail

    May 5, 2014News updatePrisoner Rights
  3. Prisons canÍt deny group prayer to inmates

    May 5, 2014News updatePrisoner Rights, Religious Liberty
  4. Willis v. Commissioner

    May 15, 2017CaseFree Speech, Prisoner Rights
  5. Fugate v. Martin, et al

    May 15, 2017CasePrisoner Rights, Healthcare & Disability Rights
  6. Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services Commission v. Commissioner, Indiana Department of Correction

    May 15, 2017CasePrisoner Rights, Healthcare & Disability Rights
  7. Richardson v. Monroe County Sheriff

    May 15, 2017CasePrisoner Rights
  8. Simons v. Hinshaw

    May 15, 2017CasePrisoner Rights
  9. Glenn v. Liebel

    May 15, 2017CaseReligious Liberty, Prisoner Rights
  10. Jones v. Commissioner, Dept. of Corrections

    October 1, 2016CaseReligious Liberty, Prisoner Rights