Award Recipients

The ACLU of Indiana recognizes individuals and groups who contribute their time, talent and resources to protect civil liberties.

Below are awards given and recipients by year:

Robert Risk Award

This award recognizes lifetime achievements to protect civil liberties. 

2013 - Dr. Thomas Kotulak (posthumously)

2004 - Victor Milstein, Indianapolis

1974 - Sigmund J. Beck

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognizes an individual who has invested significant time and energy to help the organization protect civil liberties.

2013 - Mary Hunt, Indianapolis

2004 - Walt Vanderbush, Franklin

Student Patriot Award

This award recognizes the work of students who have made significant contribution to the advancement of civil liberties.

2013 - Indiana University Southeast Civil Liberties Union (IUSCLU)

2010 - Eric Workman, Greenwood

2004 - Elizabeth Obergfell, Indianapolis

Founders Award

In the spirit of the noble Hoosiers who founded ICLU a half-century ago, this award is given to a person who has seized an opportunity to make exceptional gains in the enhancement of civil liberties.

2010 - Irving L. Fink, Indianapolis

2004 - Leonard Goldstein, Fort Wayne

2003 - Joseph F. Miller, Indianapolis

2000 - Rollin Dick, Indianapolis

Roots of Liberty Award

A nonprofit organization needs well-nourished roots to thrive, and this award recognizes extraordinary monetary contribution to the support of civil liberties.

2014 - The Cook Family (David, Dan, Sally and Frank)

2004 - Thomas Miller, Cicero

Joan Laskowski Legislator of the Year Award

This award recognizes a lawmaker who has shown courage in defending civil liberties.

2009 - Rep. Charlie Brown

2008 - Sen. Karen Tallian

2006 - John C. Aquilrts

2005 - Rep. David Orentlicher

2004 - Speaker B. Patrick Bauer

2003 - Rep. Bill Crawford

2002 - Hon. Anita Bowser

2000 - Hon. Julia Carson

1999 - Hon. Robert Garton; Hon. Winfield Moses, Jr.

1998 - Rep. John Keeler

1997 - Rep. Greg Porter

William Marsh Award

This award recognizes exceptional lifetime contributions to enforcement of the laws that protect our civil liberties.

2004 - Richard Waples, Indianapolis

Chris Gonzales Award

This award recognizes a person or organization that has significantly advanced civil liberties for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals.

2014 - Attorney Sean Lemieux and ACLU of Indiana Marriage Plaintiffs: The Betterman-Layne family; Monica Wehrle and Harriet Miller; Greg Hasty and CJ Vallero; the MacPherson Stolen family; Midori Fujii; the Moubray-Carrico family

2004 - Wayne C. Kreuscher, Indianapolis

Richard L. Zweig Cooperating Attorney of the Year Award

The Zweig award, named after a beloved leader of the bar's support for ICLU, recognizes an attorney who has devoted exceptional time and effort to supporting the litigation efforts to protect the Bill of Rights.

Sigmund Beck Award

The Beck award recognizes outstanding contributions to the defense of civil liberties made by persons or organizations outside the ICLU community.