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Every day we receive requests from across Indiana to defend the liberties and freedoms guaranteed and protected by the Constitution. From disability rights to youth rights, to protecting prisoners from discrimination and cruel and unusual punishment, to protecting religious liberty, free speech, privacy, voting rights and much more, the ACLU is here to help you protect and preserve your Constitutional rights.

Before filing a complaint, please make sure your case fulfills the following:

  1. Your civil liberties have been violated by a government entity
  2. Your issue concerns a right or freedom protected by the U.S. or Indiana Constitutions
  3. You are the person or party whose constitutional rights have been violated

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept complaints from third parties, or complaints made on behalf of someone else.

You also can visit the How we can help page for a list of the issues we can help you with and the type of cases we do not handle. If your issue does not meet our requirements, please visit the Other resources to get help page for a list of organizations that may be able to assist you.

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How to file a complaint

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