A portion of this bill would allow schools, including charter schools, to employ, or approve as a volunteer, a school chaplain under certain circumstances. The school chaplain would not be required to divulge privileged or confidential communications with a student under certain circumstances. The school chaplain can only provide secular advice or guidance unless the student and their parent, gives consent for nonsecular advice, guidance, and support services.

The primary role of chaplains is to provide pastoral or religious counseling to people in spiritual need. Allowing them to assume official positions—whether paid or voluntary—in public schools will create an environment ripe for religious coercion and indoctrination of students. 

*Note: The language in this bill was originally in SB 50 — a bill that passed the Senate, but has not advanced in the House — and amended into HB 1137.


Rep. Kendell Culp


Passed House



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