Constitutional Law Forum Spring Meeting

Please join us on Thursday, May 9, at the ACLU of Indiana from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. for a discussion with Ken Falk and Advocacy Director Katie Blair on the new Indiana laws that could impact civil liberties. Bonus:  meet the newest lawyer to join our legal team, Stevie Pactor.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.
When: Thursday, May 9, 5:30 -- 7:00 p.m.
Where: ACLU of Indiana | 1031 East Washington Street | Indianapolis, IN 46204
RSVP: Neil Hudelson, or 317-759-6421 

About the Larry Reuben Constitutional Law Forum

Launched on the 20th anniversary of Ken Falk's leadership at the ACLU of Indiana, the Constitutional Law Forum is an opportunity for lawyers to gain insider knowledge of the headline-generating work of Ken and his team, participate in the broader discussion of contemporary civil liberties issues, and support the targeted and strategic legal work of the ACLU of Indiana. 

The Leadership of Ken Falk

Since his arrival in Indiana in 1977, Ken Falk has devoted his entire career and talent to defending and advancing the rights, freedoms and dignity of all to the greater good of our community. First at Indiana Legal Services, and for the last 20 years leading the ACLU of Indiana's legal department, he has consistently earned his status as a respected and lauded voice in the legal community. Significantly, along with his precedent-setting case work and devotion to educating budding lawyers as a professor and mentor, he is equally known for his gentle demeanor with his clients and cordiality with his opponents.

Simply stated, Ken Falk embodies the best of the legal profession. His leadership has profoundly impacted both the law and the legal community in Indiana and he has done so with rare humility for these twenty years. 

The Constitutional Law Forum

For 20 years, Ken's work in advancing civil liberties has helped define our concepts of freedom and liberty. Whether defending 4th Amendment protections in front of the U.S. Supreme Court or filling class actions on behalf of mentally ill prisoners, Ken's work has been devoted to upholding the rights and protections of all individuals guaranteed by our state and federal Constitutions. The Constitutional Law Forum will fulfill its mission by offering:

  • Invitation and admission to two annual events with Ken Falk and the ACLU of Indiana legal team to discuss current cases and civil liberties trends. These discussions will potentially have CLE certification.
  • Advance notice of hearings for major ACLU of Indiana cases.
  • Insider briefings on nationwide cases from our national legal staff.
  • ACLU of Indiana staff-led state legislative briefings.
  • Invitations to "Beer and Civil Liberties" networking forums for younger lawyers with the ACLU staff. 

Join the Constitutional Law Forum

Join/renew your membership with a one-time gift

In an effort to ensure that lawyers throughout the field can join and benefit from the CLF, we offer tiered membership contributions: 

  • Constitutional Law Forum Platinum Member: $1,000 annual contribution or pledge
  • Constitutional Law Forum Gold Member: $500 annual contribution or pledge
  • Public Interest and Young Members (5 or fewer years of practice): $250 annual contribution or pledge
  • Student Members: $50 annual contribution or pledge
  • Lifetime Member: $5,000 gift or pledge

Questions? Contact Neil Hudelson, Director of Philanthropy, 317-759-6421