ACLU of Indiana Office 2018 Renovations

We can't wait for you to see our new space!

Thanks to a generous gift from Henry Price in 1994, the ACLU of Indiana has been lucky to own, free of debt, our headquarters. In the past, we had to make difficult decisions to fully repair only the most critical issues, and work around lesser problems. These longstanding structural issues were becoming obstacles in our ability to effectively and efficiently protect and expand civil liberties in Indiana. After exploring all options, we embarked on a top-to-bottom renovation of our building. This renovation will allow us to better serve our clients, expand the scope of our work and be better partners to our allies, ensuring we can continue to defend and expand civil liberties for many years to come.

Here is a sneak-peak of some of our changes -

The Old Entrance to the ACLU of Indiana


The New Entrance


Old Main Floor - Green Carpet Squares Covered the Old Parquet Floor


New Main Floor


Old Space on the Lower Level - Damaged by Flooding


New Lower Level

Because it couldn't be used as office space, much of the lower level was used to store 20+ years of legal files. Before we started our renovations, a team of dedicated volunteers organized over 625 boxes of legal files, digitized, and securely disposed of files more than 10 years old, and set up a system for managing and digitizing current records on an ongoing basis. Now this space can be used for conferences and volunteer and community outreach space.