Update: On April 19, 2018 the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a federal district court’s ruling striking down HEA 1337, which would have banned women from obtaining abortions based on their reason for seeking one. Seventh Circuit Judge William J. Bauer wrote that these “provisions clearly violate this well-established Supreme Court precedent, and are therefore, unconstitutional.” 
This April 2016 case challenges various aspects of Indiana House Enrolled Act HEA 1337, including the prohibition on obtaining abortions for certain reasons and the requirement that women seeking abortion services be informed of these prohibitions as part of Indiana’s so-called “informed consent” process. The district court granted a preliminary injunction on June 30, 2016. The State is not appealing the grant of the preliminary injunction and the case is proceeding to summary judgment.
In 2017, a federal judge declared these provisions of the law unconstitutional on the basis that they violated the Fourteenth Amendment and infringed on women’s reproductive rights. The State of Indiana then appealed that ruling to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals which upheld the earlier ruling, declaring the provisions unconstitutional.


Kenneth J. Falk, Gavin M. Rose, Jan P. Mensz, Jennifer Dalven (National ACLU), Helene Krasnoff (National Planned Parenthood)

Date filed

April 7, 2016