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Jerger v. Blaize

The ACLU of Indiana filed suit on behalf of Lelah and Jade Jerger, the parents of a 2-year-old child with epilepsy who was forced by officials with the Indiana Department of Child Services’ to have her blood drawn because of the Jergers’ decision to attempt natural remedies for her condition. 
March 28, 2018

May v. Ames

On February 1, 2018, the ACLU of Indiana filed suit in United States District Court on behalf of Mark May, a motorist who was pulled over and ticketed after giving “the finger” to an Indiana state trooper. Asserting that Mr.

February 6, 2018 Free Speech

Sweeney v. Commissioner, Indiana Department of Correction

This case challenges a new policy of the DOC that requires that all incoming non-legal correspondence be in plain white envelopes and requires that the correspondence “be on originally purchased, plain white, lined paper (no photocopies).” The ACLU of Indiana is representing two prisoners a

October 17, 2017