The ACLU of Indiana knows that technological innovation has outpaced our privacy protections. As a result, our digital footprint can be tracked by the government and corporations in ways that were once unthinkable.

We believe that there is a constitutional and fundamental right to privacy, and that it’s more important than ever with technological advances. In the legislature, we have combatted bills that would have allowed for aerial surveillance; and we have thrown our support behind bills that protect privacy, like HB 1384 in 2014 which prevented police from collecting mobile data during police stops.  

This digital footprint is constantly growing, containing more and more data about the most intimate aspects of our lives. This includes our communications, whereabouts, online searches, purchases, and even our bodies. When the government has easy access to this information, we lose more than just privacy and control over our information. Free speech, security, and equality suffer as well.