This bill requires the operators of “adult oriented” websites which contain “material harmful to minors” to employ an age verification method to verify that the individuals accessing these sites are not minors. Any age verification method allowed in this bill requires users to give personally identifying information in order to be able to access these sites. If an age verification method is not used and a minor access an adult oriented website, the operator could face penalties.

In the history of the Internet, we’ve never been required to present an official ID to merely visit a website. The ACLU of Indiana opposed this bill, which exposes adult Hoosiers to harmful surveillance and violate the First Amendment.

*Note: HB 1063, HB 1295, HB 1036, and HB 1140 were copycat versions of the bill, but failed in the House.


Sen. Mike Bohacek, Sen. Spencer Deery, Sen. Liz Brown


Signed by governor



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