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Our advocacy work is just one of the ways that we advance civil liberties in our state. We spend a significant amount of time engaging in the legislative process, monitoring key civil liberty issues and talking with Indiana legislators to ensure the protection of Hoosiers' rights. We aim to support bills that strengthen our rights guaranteed under the Constitution and defeat bills that threaten them. But we cannot do this work without you. Please use the tools and resources below to engage in the 2021 legislative session and to help us defend civil liberties!
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SB 311: Use of Force

SB 311 outlines weak use-of-force language and expands officer protections when using force. This bill would establish more protections for police officers, rather than enacting strong use-of-force policies. SB 311 does not address policies needed to end police violence, but rather moves in the o

January 25, 2021 Policing

Anti Police Divestment

The following bills would prohibit or limit decreasing local police department budgets. These pieces of legislation emphasize how reducing law enforcement budgets will reduce public safety, while we know that more policing does not equate to less crime.

January 13, 2021 Policing

SB 198 Anti-Protest

SB 198 broadly expands "rioting" laws in Indiana and establish additional penalties regarding protests, obstruction of traffic, and curfew violations. It would discourage release on bail in some instances for charges during what the law defines broadly as an "unlawful assembly."

January 13, 2021 Free Speech