Happy Org Day Indiana! 

We are less than two months away from the 2020 legislative session here in Indiana, and we need you with us!  

Organization Day is an opportunity for Democrats and Republicans in the Indiana Statehouse to meet with their respective caucus to begin discussing and planning for the upcoming session. It is also a day for community organizations and groups to meet with legislators and make their priorities heard. 

And although the legislative session does not officially begin until early January, Org Day is the ceremonial start of session and parties usually share their legislative agendas around this time.  

We are already talking with legislators at the Statehouse to let them know that Hoosiers are primed to defend Civil Liberties during the 2021 session. 

Last year, with the help of our supporters, we were able to defeat a bill that would have placed 12-year-old kids in adult court, defeat legislation that would have made it more difficult for trans Hoosiers to receive accurate gender markers on drivers’ licenses, and defeat efforts to exclude trans athletes from participating in youth sports. 

We will need your help again this year to fight efforts to rollback trans rights and reproductive freedom, as well as to protect Hoosiers’ voting rights and to demand criminal legal reform. 

Although taking action this year will look differently, we will host virtual opportunities throughout session to keep you up to date. You can take action today by getting to know where your elected officials stand on key civil liberty issues with the ACLU of Indiana Scorecard. You can also check out the Legislation & Advocacy page where you can track key bills that could impact Hoosiers’ rights and signup for volunteer opportunities this session.  

One of the biggest ways to make an impact will be to write letters, email, and make phone calls to your legislators. In the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions, we sent 23,000+ messages to legislators around key civil liberty issues in Indiana. Collectively, we raised our voices to fight for the rights of all Hoosiers. 

With the next legislative session ahead of us, we are eager to keep that momentum going. We will continue to fight to make our voices heard and fight for our civil liberties at the statehouse. Will you join us? Take action and become an ACLU of Indiana volunteer. ACLU volunteers stay connected with our work through activist trainings, monthly volunteer opportunities and more. 

We know, when we organize and build community, we start movements bigger than ourselves. These movements are extremely impactful.  

Together we can make a difference at the Statehouse in 2021!