March 30, 2015

Fairness for all Hoosiers Act

Today, Freedom Indiana and the ACLU of Indiana announced legislation to fix RFRA and protect LGBTQ Hoosiers from discrimination. This legislation„the "Fairness for All Hoosiers Act"„is exactly what Indiana needs to begin rebuilding our reputation and undo the harm that RFRA has inflicted on our state.

This common-sense legislation would do two important things:

  • Update Indiana's state civil rights law to prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ Hoosiers in employment, housing and public accommodations
  • Clarify that the recently enacted RFRA cannot be used to undermine local or statewide civil rights protections

Since last week, Indiana's economy and our reputation have suffered greatly, and for every second RFRA remains on the books in its current discriminatory form, the backlash will only worsen.

Discrimination is not a Hoosier value. Religious freedom is fundamentally important; that's why it's already protected in our state and federal Constitutions. But that doesn't give any of us the right to discriminate against others. We must ensure that hardworking gay and transgender people are not denied a job, evicted from their apartment, or refused service by a business just because of who they are and to ensure that Indiana is open for business to everyone.

Read our coalition partner letter to Governor Mike Pence and Indiana legislators

Tell Indiana lawmakers and Governor Pence: It's time to pass the "Fairness for all Hoosiers Act" and protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in Indiana.