For Transgender Day of Visibility, we asked Hoosiers to write messages of hope and affirmation to trans youth in Indiana to let them know they are loved and supported. Here are some of the messages you sent.

Please love yourself, and give yourself grace when you need it. You deserve peace and happiness, and you matter. Hold on to those who love you unconditionally, and trust that everything will be alright regardless of whatever you are going through. Sending you all my love & positivity! Be gentle with yourself.

-Devereaux (she/her), Indianapolis

You are seen. You are heard. You are loved.

-Kylie (she/her), Knightstown

I know it feels impossible on some days to not get a say in your life. I was forced into a religion that didn’t accept me for who I am. I was forced to live a life I hated and it was miserable. I can’t even comprehend what it’s like to be a trans youth in America. My best friend is trans and we grew up together in Indiana. They have left Indiana for a better life. Now they live out strong and proud. I’ve never seen them be more confidently themselves. We see your bright sparkle. We know legislation works actively against it, but we will ALWAYS be here to fight back. Never give up. You are one of a kind & a value to our community. You may not see it now but you’ve got a lot of growing left to do. We all do. Thank you for being yourself. Be confident when you can, keep yourself safe until you can live your life fully. We need trans youth to become trans elders.

-Brittany (she/her), Avon

I see you; you deserve to live a full, equal life as your true self.

-Molly (she/her), Fort Wayne

You are loved, you are seen, you are valued! I won’t stop fighting for your right to be your authentic self, because only you know who you truly are. Things are scary right now, but there are those who will stand up for you. Take care!

-Veronica (she/her), Indianapolis

Dear Friends,
I just wanted to say I love you!! You are a beautiful person, and we are so lucky to have you in this world!! Things will get better!! We will keep fighting because you deserve to be safe, be loved, and to thrive!! Just keep being the awesome person you are!! Love you!!

-Bert (they/them/he/him), Greenwood

You are valued and an important part of this community. Any politician who makes you feel unwelcome or stigmatizes you does not speak for me. For everyone who has the opportunity and time to reach out to support you, dozens more share that support and didn’t have a chance to write a message. You are loved and valued and welcomed by me and my family.

-Louisa (she/her), Indianapolis

Stay strong and stay alive, it might seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel but trust me there is, and it’s brighter than you could’ve ever imagined

-Valerie (she/her), Indianapolis

As a person I believe in your right to exist and be happy and live the life you deserve. As a teacher I believe in bringing queer education into my classroom to help make sure that the future is a place where anyone can exist in peace.

-Lydia (she/her), Muncie

Hello! I’m writing you in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility to let you know that you are not alone. My trans son is now a trans adult, and our family has worked toward changing policies at the hyper-local level in our places of employment and community so that trans folks and their families may live full, equal, joyful, and authentic lives.

Life in Indiana is scary right now, but know that people like me have your back and are working to make changes. I’m here for you!

-Janneal (she/her), Highland

You are beautiful and you are loved. Your existence reminds us of the beauty of the human existence. We will always defend your right to be happy!

-Lauro (he/him), Cromwell

I’m writing in honor of TDV to let you know that I see you! You belong, and I stand by you!

-Chris (he/him), Highland

I'm writing you in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility to let you know that you are not alone and never will be, and even though things are scary right now, I believe that transgender youth deserve to live full, equal lives as their authentic selves. I've got your back!

-Sara, Crown Point

As a queer adult in Indiana, I am so discouraged by the increase in laws that are actively harmful towards trans youth, and I want you to know I am committed to fighting this legislature because I see you and I want you here and safe.

-Reagan (she/her), Indianapolis

You are so loved by so many here and our world is so much brighter with you in it. Remember that your existence and joy is a form of rebellion and resistance to the dinosaurs making laws and we need you as queer elders and community members for our future. There are a lot of Hoosiers that know your value to our communities and WANT to be your neighbors.

-Taryn (they/them), Indianapolis

I will never stop fighting for you. I will never be silent. You are loved. You are brilliant. You are beautiful. Please don't let anyone steal your shine.

-Leah (she/her), Batesville

I see you. You are valid, accepted and so, so wanted, needed and loved. I'm out there fighting for you every day- so don't give up, cause I won't give up on you.

-Adrianna (she/they), Frankfort

In honor of Transgender Day of Visibility to tell all the young trans people, it gets better, we love you, you matter, and we’re so proud of you. You have a huge group of people who support you and who are fighting for you. Keep hope alive, because we believe in you. This mom believes in you. It gets better.

-Brittany (she/her), Fort Wayne

You deserve to live your life as your authentic self. I will never stop fighting for your freedom to do so. You are unique, beautiful, worthy, and loved.

-Amy (she/her), Indianapolis

On this Transgender Day of Visibility, know that you are loved. Living authentically takes bravery. The world may be harsh right now, but no one can ever take away who you are. Stay strong. Stay brave. Stay you. I will stand with you always.

-Caitlin (she/her), Indianapolis

You are seen and heard. Please know that in the midst of your struggles, there are many thinking of you. We are also fighting hard to get you everything you deserve. There are many of us. We appreciate you and your brave soul that paves the way for others in the future. Sending love and hugs.

-Jen (she/her), McCordsville