By Kristin Kohn, Silver in the City Owner

Kristin Kohn, Silver in the City Owner

I am not a doctor, lawyer, or politician. I am a woman who believes that all women should have the right to decide if and when to have children. And I’m far from alone in this belief; study after study shows that the majority of Hoosiers agree that women should be in charge of these very personal medical decisions.

Maybe this support is because Hoosiers understand that when access to abortion is restricted, it disproportionately affects people of color and low-income individuals. These impacted individuals are rarely represented in the Indiana statehouse. Just in case I need to clarify, the elected officials proposing restrictions and making decisions about women’s health in the statehouse are typically white men. I firmly believe that a woman’s decision about if and when to have children should be made with her trusted health care provider, not by politicians.

Sadly, people who oppose women’s access to abortion, although in the minority, are some of the loudest influencers at the statehouse. It is vital that we, as abortion allies, become louder. Our elected representatives need to hear from us. In order to feel secure in their representation and, let's face it, re-election, they need to know they can support abortion access and in turn be supported by their constituents. Supporters care deeply but often remain silent about abortion access as they worry those around them may feel differently and they are hesitant to offend. Perhaps as a supporter, you are not ready to share publicly your support on social media, much less around the holiday family dinner table. Your quiet support of organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU is still vital and very much appreciated in the fight to maintain abortion access for all.

Still, as abortion access remains under attack across the country, and right here in Indiana, I believe the time to be bold and speak up is now. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a family that shares a belief in supporting equal rights, including access to abortion. This internal support encouraged me to become a more public supporter of reproductive freedom. I’ve taken risks to publicly support Planned Parenthood and the ACLU through 100% donation days at my business. While I braced for backlash, I was instead, awash in fervent support. The silent majority of people who support reproductive freedom showed up in our stores and online, from across the country, resulting in historic single day sales, all of which were donated to the organizations protecting women’s reproductive rights.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet the leaders of these organizations whose own bravery in leading this fight in Indiana continues to inspire my public support. The lawyers, doctors, lobbyists, and volunteers for these organizations are my heroes. When we take bold actions, we embolden others to do the same. I hope their bravery and our public support at Silver in the City might inspire more supporters of abortion access to speak up, feel the embrace of fellow supporters, and continue to inspire their network of friends and family to un-silence their support for reproductive freedom in Indiana and beyond.


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