The ACLU of Indiana testified today in front of the Senate Education & Career Development Committee in opposition to SB 128 which would mandate that school boards approve any instruction and learning materials used to teach “human sexuality” for grades 4-12 and would require certain information to be publicly posted on the school’s website.   

The ACLU of Indiana Executive Director, Chris Daley, issued this statement: 

“Indiana legislators are again this year, attempting to use a broad, undefined term, ‘human sexuality,’ to censor what teachers can and cannot discuss in school. SB 128 would require school boards to approve the classroom materials at an open meeting which will encourage some to inject politics into classroom instruction, rather than relying on licensed teachers and administrators. 

“If SB 128 becomes law, we'll see classroom instruction on ‘human sexuality’ plagued by inappropriate interference by school board members and small groups of parents who object to settled facts about human sexuality. 

“We know from recent years that this ultimately means LGBTQ students are going to be exposed to instruction on human sexuality that ignores or condemns their identities. All students deserve a high quality and inclusive education that isn't censored by school board members' personal or political concerns."