"Intolerance will not be tolerated in Indiana--especially toward young people in our schools," Kit Malone, Transgender Education, ACLU of Indiana


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For Immediate Release:
February 23, 2017

Christy Glesing, Director of Public Relations, Well Done Marketing | (317) 667-5991

INDIANAPOLIS—Groups that fight against discrimination and stand up for the rights and protections of all individuals, including the ACLU of Indiana, Brothers United of Indianapolis, Sisters United of Indianapolis, Freedom Indiana, and Indiana Youth Group, came together today and spoke in solidarity against the Trump administration's rescission, yesterday, of Title IX guidelines issued by President Obama in May of 2016.

"We are deeply disappointed by the Trump administration's decision to roll back guidance that simply urges schools to treat transgender students with the same respect and dignity as their classmates," said Kit Malone, Transgender Education and Advocacy Program Consultant, ACLU of Indiana. "Transgender students face discrimination in schools and experience worse educational outcomes, and poorer psychological well-being, than their peers. We should be fighting to protect our nation's children instead of turning our backs on them."

The ACLU of Indiana launched the Transgender Education and Advocacy Program in January to educate Hoosiers about transgender people and the challenges they face.

Other speakers at the event were:

  • Tomorrow Imir Ingle, Sisters United of Indianapolis
  • Terrell Parker, Program Manager, Brothers United Inc. of Indianapolis
  • Chris Paulsen, Campaign Manager, Freedom Indiana
  • Kriztina Inskeep, parent of transgender student representing Indiana Youth Group

"We will not tolerate discrimination in our schools in Indiana," said Malone. "All students, including those who identify as transgender, are protected by the Constitution and the federal statutes in the current Title IX law. Discrimination based on gender cannot and will not be tolerated."