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ACLU of Indiana Opposes Anti-Protest Legislation

The Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law passed Senate Bill 198 out of committee today. This legislation would  enhance criminal penalties for rioting, obstruction of traffic, and curfew violations, and remove power from communities on multiple fronts. 

February 9, 2021 Free Speech

ACLU Urges Mike Braun and Congress to Certify, Uphold the Will of Voters

While a dozen senators, including Senator Mike Braun, have stated their plans to object when members of Congress meet today to count and confirm the Electoral College votes, the American Civil Liberties Union urges Congress to oppose the efforts led by President Trump to trample the will of the A

January 6, 2021

COVID Cases in Vigo County Jail Result in Motion for Status Report

As COVID-19 continues to spread in Indiana jails and prisons, there is growing concern about the recent rise in cases at Vigo County Jail, which was recently reported by the Sheriff at more than 100 cases. Monday, the ACLU of Indiana filed a motion

December 15, 2020