Abortion Access in Indiana

Abortion has been effectively banned in Indiana since August 21, 2023. The narrow exceptions included in this extreme ban will undoubtedly put Hoosiers’ lives at risk. Uncertainties surrounding the ban have already forced providers to stop providing most abortions in Indiana.

However, in April 2024, a preliminary injunction was affirmed as a result of a lawsuit brought by the ACLU of Indiana, which claims Indiana's abortion ban violates the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This aims to allow abortion access for Hoosiers who have sincere religious beliefs that they must be able to obtain an abortion. The court also affirmed that the case should proceed as a class action, applying to all individuals whose religious beliefs would direct them to obtain abortions that the statute bans. Anyone in Indiana needing representation on this issue is encouraged to reach out to ACLU of Indiana at intake@aclu-in.org or via our online intake form.

We are continuing to fight in the courts and the Statehouse to reinstate access to abortion care, and we won't stop. Take action and learn more below.


Tell Indiana politicians to restore our right to make decisions about our own bodies.

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Add your name to stand with the majority of Hoosiers who want abortion to be legal in our state.



Need help accessing abortion care? Here are organizations helping Hoosiers get the care that they need.

Abortion Access Resources

Reminder: Only your healthcare provider can tell you, based on your circumstances, when and how you can access an abortion.

  • Hoosier Abortion Fund - will help with:
    • financial assistance
    • emotional support
    • referrals
    • options counseling
    • resources for travel and lodging
    • resources for judicial bypass
  • Planned Parenthood - will help with:
    • abortion referrals
    • pre- and post-abortion care
    • pregnancy and options consultation
  • Visit AbortionFinder.org to find an abortion provider


We're bringing everything we've got to the fight for abortion access — and we're coming at this from every angle.

Abortion Access in Indiana - Litigation

The ACLU of Indiana’s legal team has been fighting at every opportunity to protect abortion access and aren't stopping.

Here is the current state of our legal battles. 



The time is now for the majority of Hoosiers to express their support for access to safe and legal abortion. 

Abortion Access in Indiana - Let's Talk About Abortion

We’ve all heard a lot from one side about what abortion is, isn’t, or shouldn’t be. That very vocal anti-abortion minority has drowned out the views of most Hoosiers.

Sincere conversations with people we trust and love are the best way to change opinions. Download the conversation guide, social media toolkit and more at LetsTalkAbortionIndiana.org

Let's Talk About Abortion



The ACLU of Indiana has gathered more than 800 businesses from across the state that support reproductive freedom.

Abortion Access in Indiana - Business Letter Sign-on

Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence and economic stability of employees and customers here in Indiana.

The ACLU of Indiana is launching an effort to lift up the voices of businesses across the state that support reproductive freedom. If you are an Indiana business leader, join the 800+ companies who have signed on to the “Don’t Ban Equality” letter.

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The Indiana Legislature passed SB 1, a law that bans abortion, putting Hoosiers’ health and safety at risk. Learn more about the fight for abortion access.

Abortion Access in Indiana - Advocacy