INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Today the Indiana Court of Appeals affirmed a preliminary injunction against Senate Enrolled Act 1 (S.E.A. 1), Indiana’s 2022 ban on most abortions, for plaintiffs whose sincerely held religious beliefs would direct them to terminate a pregnancy in circumstances prohibited by the near-total ban. It also affirmed the trial court’s ruling that the case should proceed as a class action, applying to all individuals whose religious beliefs would direct them to obtain abortions that the statute bans.

“For many Hoosiers, the ability to obtain an abortion is necessary based on a sincerely held religious belief,” said Ken Falk, ACLU of Indiana Legal Director. “The burden placed on these individuals by Indiana’s abortion ban is absolute and life-altering. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is clear that it protects religious freedom for all Hoosiers, and the Court of Appeals’ decision today reflects that clear directive.” 

As this case moves forward, Hoosiers who believe they are included in this class and are in need of an abortion should seek legal advice. Anyone in Indiana needing representation on this issue is encouraged to reach out to ACLU of Indiana at or via our online intake form.