Hoosiers TRANSform the Polls

The civil rights of transgender people are on the ballot this November. That’s why it’s so important that trans people exercise their right to vote, despite the fact that intimidation in their communities and confusion about voter ID rules can decrease turnout among this vulnerable group.

Let’s be clear — trans people have the right to vote, regardless of their gender identity or their current gender presentation. Yes, you can vote -- even if you haven’t updated your ID to match your gender. And if you have recently updated your photo ID, it’s important that you check your voter registration at IndianaVoters.com to make sure that your registration matches the current name on your photo ID. Election Day is November 8.

Check out our “Yes! You Can Vote!” campaign site for more information about your rights at the polls, and for important dates and resources to make sure your vote counts. Join us on social media where we’ll be sharing stories of transgender voters as we #TRANSformThePolls.