In the Indiana Statehouse, our bodies have become battlegrounds as politicians seek to pass extreme bans on abortion, restrict access to birth control and medication abortion, and keep transgender people from accessing the care that they need.

This past year has been devastating for our right and ability to make personal decisions about our own bodies and medical care. We saw the end of the protections from Roe v. Wade, the passage of a near-total abortion ban in our state, and now a ban on gender-affirming medical care for youth. And we know that these attacks won’t stop with abortion and gender-affirming care; all of our rights, to make decisions about our bodies, families, and health, are at stake right now.

Across the country, the election last November was a victory for reproductive freedom: In every state where abortion was on the ballot, voters showed up to send the message that they want legal, accessible abortion in their state. Polling in Indiana also shows that the majority of Hoosiers oppose a ban on abortion. Voters all over this country clearly believe that politicians shouldn’t be in control of our lives and our bodies — we should. 

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