September 15, 2022

Indiana’s ban on abortion, S.E.A. 1, took effect at midnight, Thursday, September 15, effectively eliminating abortion access across the state. S.E.A. 1 was signed into law last month by Gov. Eric Holcomb. The bill was the first new abortion ban passed by a state legislature following the overturn of Roe v. Wade. 

Statement from Ken Falk, legal director at the ACLU of Indiana:  

“Every day that this ban on abortion is in effect, Hoosiers are unable to access critical health care. This ban immediately impacts the 1.3 million women and people of reproductive age across the state by stripping them of their right to access basic care – forcing Hoosiers to either flee their community to access an abortion, if they have the resources to do so, or to carry a pregnancy against their will and for some Hoosiers, against their religious beliefs. 

“With multiple lawsuits pending in Indiana courts, we remain confident that the courts will see this law for what it is, a flagrant attack on the rights of Hoosiers. This fight is far from over. We’ll continue doing everything in our power to restore abortion access in Indiana as soon as possible.”