The authors of the Declaration of Independence outlined a bold vision for America: a nation in which all people would be free and equal. More than two hundred years later, it has yet to be achieved.

Though civil rights activism has led to important gains in the legal, political, social, employment and educational worlds, there is more to be done. From our public schools where students of color are too often confined to isolated, underfunded, and inferior programs, to our criminal justice system that disproportionately targets and incarcerates people of color and criminalizes poverty, the ACLU uses the constitution to fight racial discrimination. Equal protection for all is vital to a thriving democracy.

In coalition with ACLU nationwide and local leaders, we support grassroots movements and advocate for change at the local and state levels. Through these efforts, we strive to educate and empower the public on a variety of issues, including race as it relates to criminal justice, economic justice, and inequality in education.