A section of HB 1264 requires voting officials to verify citizenship by comparing the statewide voter registration system with the BMV list of temporary credentials given to noncitizens. If there is a discrepancy and it appears that a person registered to vote is not a U.S. citizen, that person must show proof of citizenship within thirty days of being notified. If they are unable to show proof within thirty days, their registration will be canceled. This could result in people who are U.S. citizens not being allowed to vote due to an error in the system or if they are unable to attain proof of citizenship documents within thirty days.

We are also concerned that the proof of residency components included in this bill could disenfranchise first time voters who are college students, part of the unhoused population, or other individuals who may not be able to meet the requirements. 


Rep. Timothy Wesco


Signed by governor



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