The 2022 Indiana legislative session is in full swing and state legislators have wasted no time attacking Hoosiers’ fundamental rights.

Make no mistake: the ACLU of Indiana will be your watchdog in the state legislature, working every day to protect and expand civil liberties for all Hoosiers, and to defend against any attacks on your rights. But we will need you more than ever this year to join the fight with us.

As we stay vigilant about the challenges ahead, we are already talking with legislators at the Statehouse to let them know that Hoosiers are ready to defend their constitutional rights. Here’s what we are up against.


Indiana state lawmakers are trying to prevent students from having an open and equitable dialogue about our country’s history by censoring classroom discussions about race and sex discrimination. Multiple classroom censorship bills are being fast-tracked in the latest effort in a nationwide trend to restrict students’ rights to an inclusive education that accurately portrays America's painful history.


As always, Indiana legislators have filed several bills attempting to further restrict abortion access. We refuse to stand by while politicians try to control our reproductive freedom and ban abortion. Individuals should have the freedom to decide if and when to have children. 


Last session, with your help, we blocked every anti-trans bill that was introduced. When it comes to bills that threaten transgender rights, we will fight against any legislation that would restrict trans Hoosiers’ rights.


We are watching for bills that would either aggravate or alleviate the mass incarceration crisis in Indiana. We will oppose bills that further overcrowd Indiana jails and prisons, and support bills that work to decarcerate low-level offenders. We are also following electronic monitoring restrictions and bills affecting pretrial reform.


The voter registration process should allow all eligible voters to participate, rather than adding additional restrictions in response to myths about voter fraud. Like last year, we will fight against any legislation that makes voting more difficult, or adds unnecessary voter ID requirements that risk disenfranchising Hoosier voters. 


We can only have an impact with your help! You can take action today by checking out our Legislation & Advocacy page, where you can track key bills throughout the legislative session, download our activist toolkit, sign up for email action alerts, find information about upcoming third house meetings, and more.

Together we will make a difference at the Statehouse in 2022.