The ACLU of Indiana was encouraged by Mayor Hogsett’s recent press conference in which Indianapolis officials discussed the importance of restructuring policing in our city. Recognizing that the underlying problem with policing isn't the result of a few failed policies or a couple of bad apples, but rather the problem is the outsized and ever-expanding scale of policing that leads inevitably to officers’ unlawful use of excessive force – is an important first step.

The whole community must seize this moment and recognize that only completely reimagining policing will achieve safety and justice for the residents of our city. The ACLU of Indiana will be vigilant and look for tangible evidence of the commitment of city leadership.  

Today we sent a letter to Mayor Hogsett and the City-County Council to stress the need for immediate reform including: 

  • more robust changes to police use-of-force policies,  
  • a 2020 budget that commits to divesting from police and reinvesting in communities targeted by police, 
  •  new police labor contract with increased accountability, 
  • And a public process that demonstrates real and sustained community engagement in creating a new Public Safety system from the ground up. 

Read the full letter to Mayor Hogsett and the City Council below.