Why We Are Writing 

This year, Indiana lawmakers have introduced a record number of bills targeting LGBTQ people in Indiana for unfair discrimination. Most prominently, HB 1608 would prevent teachers and students in K-3 from even mentioning LGBTQ people in the classroom and would target transgender youth (and anyone who doesn’t conform to standard gender expectations) for forced outing by teachers. SB 480 would completely ban lifesaving healthcare options for transgender youth.  

Who We Are Writing To 

  • Senate President Pro Tempore Rodric Bray 
    200 W. Washington St. 
    Indianapolis, IN 46204 

  • House Speaker Todd Huston 
    200 W. Washington St. 
    Indianapolis, IN 46204 

If you have time, you can also send a letter to your own state senator and representative. You can find them here.

Sample Letter 

Feel free to use the language below as a model to write your own.  

  • Speaker Huston,

    My name is Sylvia Rivera, and I’m a resident of Indiana. I’m writing to ask you to please oppose the hateful anti-LGBTQ bills that are being proposed. I want all people to feel safe and welcomed in Indiana, and these bills send exactly the opposite message to many vulnerable children. All kids deserve to be fully welcomed in their schools. For that reason, please vote “no” on anti-LGBTQ legislation. Thank you for your time.

    Sylvia Rivera 

Letter Writing Tips 

  • Be clear and brief.  
  • Be direct but polite and professional.  
    • Avoid heated and accusatory language. 
  • Introduce yourself as a resident of Indiana.  
    • If you live in their district, be sure to note that as well.
  • Be sure to thank the lawmaker for their attention.  
  • Use your own words.  
    • If you have a personal connection, mention it. But be clear and brief.  
  • Make sure that your ask, for instance “please oppose these bills” is unmistakable. 

Another Sample Letter 

  • Senator Bray,

    My name is Harvey Milk and I'm a lifelong Hoosier who cares about the wellbeing of LGBTQ youth. I’m writing to ask that you oppose the bills moving in Indiana that target LGBTQ youth in schools for harassment and that cruelly strip parents of their right to make private medical decisions about their family with their doctors.

    I’ve been following these bills and have seen how misinformation, conspiracy theories, and out-of-state personalities are driving this effort. I’m asking you to listen to the real Hoosiers who are speaking out.

    The evidence is clear, bans like these will cost lives and do nothing to improve our state.

    I appreciate the time you took to read my letter. Please support real Hoosiers and oppose these bills.

    Harvey Milk