On June 29, Aaron Bailey was pulled over and fatally shot by IMPD. Bailey was an unarmed person of color, whose tragic death demands action and accountability. Both IMPD and the FBI are in the midst of investigations. The ACLU of Indiana is grateful that Prosecutor Terry Curry has heard the concerns of the community and designated a special prosecutor to pursue the case.

At the ACLU of Indiana, we believe that Aaron Bailey, his family and the Indianapolis community deserve an examination of the facts that will expose both the truth and the path toward a safe community for all.

"None of the actions that we can take now will bring back the life that was taken, but we as a community and as advocates must do whatever we can to ensure this tragedy does not repeat itself," says Katie Blair, Director of Advocacy with the ACLU of Indiana.

The first steps toward transparency were taken with Curry's appointment of a special prosecutor and with local law enforcement's examination of their policing practices.

"We stand with the family of Aaron Bailey," says Jane Henegar, Executive Director of the ACLU of Indiana. "The recurring incidents of police actions, around the country, that harm people of color show the need for policing practices that serve and protect with fairness and without bias."

Police departments across the country engage in aggressive and selective enforcement disproportionately and unfairly in communities of color. The facts are undeniable and these tragedies need to stop immediately. We encourage and support IMPD in their stated intention to spend time and care revamping their training practices. We ask that they maintain this focus on fairness and impartiality for years to come.

While the ACLU of Indiana is not presently involved in litigation in this matter, the ACLU nationally demands transparency and the protection of our civil liberties. We are paying close attention to Aaron Bailey's case as more details come forward.